Can your body cause you to sin?
Phil Monroe answers “Yes,” but goes on to argue that we are still responsible. The second part of his answer is here. These are incredibly important questions and answers for pastors and counselors.

The Philippians of the Old Testament
Ecclesiastes? That’s what William Barrick argues in his Christian Focus commentary. I’m glad to have some allies in this growing campaign to reframe and rejuvenate Ecclesiastes. However, I also agree with Charles’ qualifications.

Christians making a difference
Joel Miller: “Whether it’s the political activism of the eighties and nineties or the social activism of today, Christians want to make a difference in the world. But are we starting in the right place?”

7 Characteristics of Advancing Leaders
A challenging list from a “Leader-watcher.”

The Obvious Secret to Viral Success
“‘The secret to [BuzzFeed's] viral success is to find stuff that’s already a minor viral success and make it better,’ Manjoo wrote. Repeat the process enough, and you’re bound to get a few mega-hits.”

5 Questions to Ask of a Book
Like Tim, I get asked to review a lot of books (though nowhere near as many as he does). I probably review 1 in 20, because if I said “Yes” to them all, I’d never get round to reading the books I want to read. Tim provides some good criteria here for deciding what to read/review. If you want to get my eyes, I’d draw your attention especially to the “bonus question.” If authors and publishers answered that honestly, we could save a lot of trees.