One. In. Five.
That’s the latest estimate of the number of women who suffer with post-partum depression.

Resolve Conflict ASAP
Paul Tautges gives six reasons why.

Some thoughts on preaching the Minor Prophets
Jim Hamilton offers two approaches to preaching from these little-known and under-appreciated books.

Total Depravity and Parenting
Dan Darling: “I love assembly lines. They have revolutionized American production. But they are lousy systems when it comes to raising godly children, because faith in the next generation cannot be mass produced. It must be hand-crafted, carefully formed, and breathed into life by the Holy Spirit.

Evangelical Yummy Mummys
“To the unbelieving mind, sacrificing a lifetime for someone else is dangerous because it is living by faith, not sight. The outcome is based on God’s promises, not what you do. It’s not in your hands, it’s not visible, identifiable, or quantifiable. You don’t get a pay check, or letters after your last name, or anyone even reading your last name. You’re basically putting all your eggs in one basket. And that can even be scary even to a believer, especially if their understanding of the providence of God is not real enough.”

Equipping Counselors for your Church
Don’t know any author who supplies so many free resources from and about his book, as Bob Kellemen.