You read women’s blogs?

Yes, quite a few. And don’t worry, my wife knows, and she shares my enthusiasm too.

I’ve found many women have a unique gift to write about the Christian faith and life. They approach subjects and events differently to men; they see angles and dimensions we are blind too; and they remind us of the important roles and responsibilities that God has given to Christian women, stimulating prayer and appreciation for God’s work in them and through them.

I’m listing my Top 10 Women’s Blogs below, but I’d love to hear your recommendations too. Use the Comments to tip us off about other Christian women’s blogs that are worth a click.

The ladies blog on Christianity Today features a wide variety of top-quality writing on current issues, many of which have a special angle for women.

Woman of God Magazine
Trillia Newbell, a gifted young African American, pops up all over the blogosphere (The Gospel Coalition, Desiring God, etc), but you’ll find a lot of her writing at Woman of God Magazine as well. She’s a lively and transparent blogger, a writing star of the future I think.

The Upward Call
Kim Shay writes a short blog almost every day about books, theology, and life as a mature (hope she doesn’t mind that adjective!) mother of grown-up kids. Another transparent writer, I especially enjoy her book reviews and her ability to connect her faith with everyday life. (Update: Just noticed here’s a group blog that Kim’s also involved with: “The six of us are in what is often called the “afternoon,” of life, meaning we are all forty years and older”).

Domestic Kingdom
Gloria Furman and friends bring the Kingdom of God to the kitchen sink. Not sure if they’d put it that way, but they have a unique ability to draw deep and practical theology out of the usually routine and mundane events of mothering and wifing. I’m very much looking forward to Gloria’s first book.

Girls Gone Wise
Mary Kassian doesn’t blog as often as others, probably about 4-5 times a month, but she is always worth reading. Many hours of research and deep thought go into each article. If you are battling to raise wise girls in a wild world, you probably need Mary’s book and blog.

The Christian Pundit
Can I squeeze this one onto this list even though it’s only 50% female? I think so. The Christian Pundit is a relatively new blog run by husband and wife team, Bill and Rebecca Vandoodewaard (a colleague of mine at PRTS). Rebecca doesn’t miss her targets and you get Bill as a bonus!

En Route: Scribbles from along life’s way
As I worship in the same church as Daryl and Kara Dedert, maybe I’m a bit biased on this one. If you subscribe to Kara’s blog, you’ll have your eyes and heart opened to the pain of raising a child with disabilities; but you’ll also see God’s grace superabounding through it all. Raw, real, gritty, gracey.

Homeschool on the Croft
Ann gives me my daily dose of Scottish nostaligia! Lots of great photos and down-to-earth stories from the island I used to pastor in. Sometimes she overdoses on sheep and sunsets, but she’ll soon have you longing to visit Scotland. Oh, and she’s a real Americophile. So if any American wants a house swap…

The Life and Times of a Homeschooling Mom of Seven
Now all the way to South Africa for another upbeat, spritely homeschooling family blog that majors on arts, crafts, recipes, outings, books, etc. The title alone should be enough to intrigue you! Always lots of fascinating links to follow up, especially if you also follow the Twitter account.

Redeemed Reader
WORLD famous Janie Cheaney and Emily Whitten provide reliable reviews of kids books at different age levels. Their aim is to “shine a gospel light on children’s literature so that Christian parents, educators, and the children they nurture may read in a more redeemed and redeeming way.” And they do that extremely well.

So, ladies, who have I missed?

From the comments, here’s a list of your recommendations. Let me check these out over the next few weeks, and in a month I’ll post an updated list of Top Women’s Blogs.

Housewife Theologian
Girl Talk
True Woman
No Greater Joy Mom
Femina Girls
Jen Wilkin: The Beginning of Wisdom
Gospel Grace
Practical Theology for Women
Angie Smith: Bring the Rain
Young Wife’s Guide to Gospel-centered Homemaking
Scripture Thoughts
A Holy Experience
Nourishment for the Soul
Chronological Bible Teaching
Narrow Path Home

  • Debi Martin

    Aimee at Housewife Theologian is also excellent –

    • Karla

      Thanks for your list ~ I have been enjoying “A Holy Experience” with Ann Voskamp. She has very much a poet’s heart.

      • Lindsey Swinborne

        A Holy Experience is my absolute favorite too!

  • Katie D.

    I also love, written by Adeye Salem about raising adopted children with disabilities because of the gospel. Beautiful writing, beautiful pictures, and changed lives.

    I have also been really blessed by the True Woman blog:

  • Se7en

    Thank you so much, what a lovely unexpected surprise!!! Merrily clicking on links down the list and kept clicking one and getting our site!!! Totally love Homeschool on the Croft… always good for a smile!!!

  • Kip’ Chelashaw

    I’m not a lady… but, the wonderful ladies at have a fantastic blog – good, edifying writing!

    Thanks for your top 10


  • Lore Ferguson (@loreferguson)
  • Kim Shay

    Oh my, thank you for mentioning me in your blog today! I know of so many good blogs by women, I wouldn’t know where to begin! We are fortunate to have many solid blogging women out there!

  • Kara

    Honored, thank you! Looking forward to checking out the others, many are new to me. I had the opportunity to hear Gloria Furman in a writer’s workshop at Gospel Coalition and have enjoyed her blog since. I enjoy The writer captures beauty and truth of faith and family in spectacular photos captioned with Bible verses. I am edified by her quiet reflections and faithful witness.

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  • David Murray

    Thanks for all these recommendations. I’ll be adding them all to Google Reader.

  • SarahMay

    Luma Simms at . Have been so blessed by her focus on our identity in Christ and what that means in everyday life.

  • R. Smith

    Scripture Thoughts by Lynda Ochsner

    Not particularily for women, but an excellent blog on the Bible and theology. Very informed. I always read her emails.

  • Deb

    I still like Girltalk with the Mahaney gals. It has been around long enough that we have watched their kiddos growing up…..

    • Jamie

      YES – the archives are very organized on Girltalk, and I often find myself going to re-read their articles on parenting little ones, praying for your husband, pms-prep, hospitality, etc. Currently, they’ve been cranking out a series on women and their online habits, with Scripture-based priorities as a guide. It’s a really needed series for women.

  • Tracie Aldridge

    Practical Theology for Women – Wendy Horger Alsup

    And thanks for the list!

  • Steve

    There’s nothing quite like “Bring the Rain.” (Read Audrey’s story). Angie is Todd Smith’s wife. (Todd Smith of the group Selah.)

  • j
    • Nadia Wilder

      Thank you so much.

  • Donna Hogue
  • Lynn Morrissey

    Oops….forgot Kel Rohlf at Nourishment for the Soul:

  • Doc B

    I highly recommend the Housewife Theologian blog. Aimee Byrd writes it, and it is excellent. There is a link to it in one of the previous comments.

  • Crystal

    Really enjoy this one, and am looking forward to checking out all of your recommendations. Thanks.

  • David Murray

    Keep ‘em coming! So looking forward to looking at these blogs. What a blessing to have so many gifted Christian women committed to edification of the church.

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  • Christi Bragg

    Jen Wilkin and Lore Ferguson
    this blogs are saturated with HIM.. You are missing out if they aren’t included:) just saying..

  • Christi Bragg

    so pumped about this list:) Thank you

  • sarah@theologista

    Women’s blots with solid theology are too rare. I also enjoy girltalk and femina blog, which were already linked above.

    • sarah@theologista

      *blogs. Sorry. Auto correct doesn’t know what a blog is :)

  • Chriselda Dirrim

    Hi David, my friend, Becky Elliff at is fantastic.

  • Merri T.

    Rebecca Stark, a mother and grandmother, blogs about theology and life in the Yukon territory of Canada. Rebecca Writes is my favorite blog by a women.

    • Kim Shay

      We are blessed to have Becky Stark blogging with us at Out of the Ordinary. I second this recommendation. I’ve been reading her blog since I began blogging. Her blog is at

      • threegirldad

        I third it.

  • Barbara

    I really appreciate the insights Linda Anderson shares at

  • Jeri Tanner

    Tim Challies’ mom just began blogging and it promises to be excellent: Also, I really enjoy Deb’s writing at “The Things That Come Out of My Head”, a really humorous title as Deb must write with a headstick.

  • Deborah

    Sola Sisters is a good one to read, they have a neat testimony, saved out of new-age mysticism. Because of this prior history, they are sensitive to it and point it out when it creeps into the church.

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  • Kelly
    • Mae Lynn Ziglar

      She, Sharon, also writes posts sometimes for Her.meneutics. This is an excellent blog.

    • Cindy Finley

      Sara, at is one of my very favorites. She and her husband, Nate, have adopted four children – 2 from Ethiopia and 2 from Uganda. She’s honest and inspiring. I never fail to be blessed by her writing.

  • David Murray

    Wow, you’re keeping me busy. Based on your recommendations, I’ve put an additional list at the end of the blog post. I’m going to check out all of these blogs over the next few weeks, and in a month I’ll post an updated list of Top Women’s Blogs.

  • Charity Jill

    I love the Her.meneutics blog – I think it works hard to be a uniting voice in the Church. I am not familiar with any of these other blogs – I’m not sure that they are quite in my wheel-house – but it’s always good to see where other sisters in Christ are coming from. I will have to check some of these out.

  • Nancy

    Carolyn Weber @ PressingSave

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  • Nadia Wilder

    I’m absolutely honored – and humbled – to see my blog on the list from the commenters. :)

  • eric

    This girl is amazing..

  • Tiff

    I also love They talk about everything. Sex, Relationship,things that goes on around the word, entertainment and lots more.

  • Natalie

    Regular feasting fare for the soul served up by by 14 mature, female bloggers from all over the web at Biblical worldview for women.

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  • DrG

    Thank you for a fantastic list. I also wanted to recommend another fantastic online magazine which was created by a woman, family caregiver, shared care with siblings, became a CNA and turned caregiving consulting clinical pharmacist. Yes it is a healthcare based blog but women entrepreneurs needs a place to go for family health and wellness. At, with a team of MDs, caregivers and nurses, they are all about “Script for Supportive Caregiving + Empowered Social Health + Improved Health Literacy.” We are part of Alltop, BlogHer, Healthworks Collective, Technorati blog directory and other reputable RSS.
    We invite you to visit
    We love suggestions and feedback so let us know what you think.
    Also join our caregiving Twitter chats #Carerx.

  • Fayaz Pasha

    Seems to be a very nice collection of blogs.

  • Dana

    These are great blogs. Thank you for the list.

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  • Kelly Crawford
    I’d love to invite you to read!

  • Sergey Kushchak my home remedies blog! check plz

  • Philip Verghese Ariel

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    What a joy to be here today on your esteemed page.
    It is indeed a pleasant thing to note and read about the top 10 women bloggers.
    These are indeed a wonderful collection, and I am not aware about these lovely one and there pages.
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