The Next Resurgence
Jason Helopoulos hopes that the YRR folks will make “their way to a more explicit adherence to confessional reformed theology,” and gives five reasons why.

How the rules of racism are different for Asian Americans
“The truth is, racism toward Asians is treated differently in America than racism toward other ethnic groups.” Agreed. There isn’t as much “street-cred” in fighting some forms of racism.

I was thinking of giving up blogging…
Thabiti notices a lack of ethnic blogs on the recent Top 200 Church blogs and challenges us to close the digital divide. So why not click on over and at least add the few he mentions on to your RSS reader. I’ve just done it.

Rappers shedding “Christian” label to attract mainstream fans
You don’t need to be a Rap fan to appreciate the concern in this open letter to fellow-rappers. The letter also helps us think through the limits and challenges of contextualization.

The Best Christian Resources Addressing Daily Life Issues
Bob Kellemen compiles the links to Paul Tautges’s great lists of resources for depression, anxiety, fear, addictions, etc.

Coming Clean
Max Lucado confesses his dangerous experimentation with beer-sampling and how he went from “A once-in-a-while … then once-a-week … then once-a-day beer fan.” Must say I was impressed with his honesty and courage.