The place of regret
Kara  & Darryl bring the Gospel home again: “How do you deal with this?” I challenged Darryl. “Why didn’t God stop it or at least let us know? Where is the protection we crave for our kids?” He looked at me and quietly offered, “This is not our home.” It pierced me.

Psychiatric Medication and the Image of God
There are some good points in this article, but I’m afraid they are lost by an unnecessarily complicated presentation and the beating of some straw men to death. Some of the comments do a better job. As this post puts it: A truly baffling article.

Discerning the News
Sarah Pulliam Bailey guides us through the media minefield.

The Puritans and Slavery
Joe Thorn highlights a rap song that critiques some Puritans view of and even practice of slavery. Here’s Part 2. You don’t need to agree with Owen Strachan’s assessment of rap to benefit from his balanced response. I so wish this history wasn’t true, but we have to face it and factor it into our ministries in certain contexts.

Deepak Chopra: Social Media is the next phase of humanity
If you want a laugh, have a watch of the first couple of minutes of this. I kept waiting for the audience to burst into laughter, but the guy is serious. And people say Christianity is hard to believe!

Why we chose to have beautiful babies
If you knew that you had a genetic life-shortening abnormality that might be passed on to your children, would you still choose to have children? Josiah Grauman wrestles with this reality.

How Sermons Work
I’ve recently discovered some faulty formatting in the eBook version of How Sermons Work. That has now been fixed and Amazon are emailing all purchasers to ask for permission to update the old file on your Kindle device or App (although that may take up to 4 weeks). Sorry for any inconvenience. If you have any questions please contact Evangelical Press.