5 Questions wives should not ask their husbands
Waiting for someone to list the reverse questions.

After saying “I do”, her debt becomes our debt?
At what point in a relationship should young people broach this subject?

Goldfish bowl or Aquarium?
Many pastor’s wives and kids feel like they live in a goldfish bowl, or even an aquarium. Shona provides the tools to smash the tanks and break free!

Should you quit your PhD?
B J Epstein talks through the pros and cons.

“Big shots” who act like “little shots”
Bob Kellemen celebrates the character and conduct of leaders who remain servants.

The churches that know are the churches that grow
“Churches which grow tend to be those that have a very clear idea what they are about, and what distinguishes them from the dominant secular culture. They have high expectations of members. They have a very clear identity that says ‘this is what we believe, we are serious about it, and we really believe it.’”

  • http://homeschoolonthecroft.blogspot.com/ Anne

    Women *seriously* ask their husbands these questions? For real?? Nooooooo!