Forget about your legacy, just do the right thing
I love the way Joel Miller combines ancient and modern insights.

One definition of Christian Psychology
“[It is] psychology which is done to further the kingdom of God, carried out by citizens of that kingdom whose character and convictions reflect their citizenship in that kingdom…”

The Importance of Multi-Cultural Congregations
Inspiring video of PCA founding father Kennedy Smartt’s vision of building a multi-cultural congregation. To me, this is THE single most important area of church reformation.

I can’t see the wood for the trees
Shona highlights three great commentaries (to which I put my hearty “Amen”) and appeals to authors to follow their “beautiful simplicity, directness, and Christ-centeredness.”

Three pitfalls for young evangelical leaders

Alex Crain interviews John Macarthur about his new book [Video] Twelve Unlikely Heroes: How God Commissioned Unexpected People in the Bible and What He Wants to Do with You (Nelson, 2012).