Twitter’s Blissful Chaos
Insightful article on the role and significance of Twitter. “Social media, primarily Facebook and Twitter, are increasingly influential in the world of journalism and public debate, although my own anecdotal observation is that Facebook remains a place primarily for social friendship while Twitter is where the real wars are fought.”

Anxiety and the Battle for the Mind
Diane Bucknell, who blogs at Theology for Girls, with a helpful discussion of anxiety and depression. What’s medical and what’s spiritual?

18 Facts about China that will blow your mind
As one Superpower wanes another is rising in the East.

How to practice Sunday’s sermon on Monday
Reddit Andrews with a game plan for God’s Word.

8 Surprises of Biblical Counseling
David Powlison: “When our counseling is working, doing its job, those whom we counsel will normally encounter some of the following surprises.”

100 Quotes on Leadership