Linking gun control to mental health misguided, ineffective
“A safer, healthier, more peaceful society is not borne of misguided legislation, but deep respect for God’s greatest creation: human life.”

4 Success Tips for Mental Health Support Groups
I’d love to see more of these in our churches.

Schizophrenia and the “successful”
This is a tremendously encouraging and challenging article, and so is the story it links to about Law Professor Elyn Saks, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia 30 years ago.

What would you say to yourself at 16?
Bob Kellemen answers.

When he feels far off
Print this and keep it handy for the next time God feels distant. Wise combination of biblical truth and spiritual experience.

Why I’m glad my Smartphone broke
“In many ways, a smartphone has become a mandatory extension of the mind. But I feel it has had no major impact on my life to leave it behind. I have come to deeply enjoy to being completely plugged out when I am not at my computer. I enjoy not always being up to date, and not having one more expensive item to worry about. It is a small temptation in your pocket that can make you lose focus on the people you’re around.”

  • Bob Kellemen

    Thanks for the shout-out, David. What would you say to your 16-year-old self?

    • David Murray

      Whatever I would say, I know he wouldn’t listen!

  • Lore Ferguson

    Thanks for sharing my article. He is near, that’s truth!