Confessions of a new Mom’s Devotional Life
If you’re a new Mom you’ll be encouraged. If you’re an expectant Mom you’ll be prepared. If you’re neither, you’ll be more prayerful and supportive for those who are.

13 Reasons Christians Don’t Need to Fear
So needed! Thank you.

Pastor, how are you on Facebook so much?
You may not have said it. But have you thought it? Ron Edmondson explains his social media strategy with four words.

A Christian walks into Barnes & Noble
Tony Reinke shares a superb quote from Herman Bavinck. This could change the whole way you look at the world.

Conquering the lonely grave
Mike Leake writes a moving Christ-centered post about his encounter with depression.

When the elders say No
Paul Levy’s takeaway from a remarkable and rare incident: “I’ve said it many times but we all need people who can get in our face and say no. The longer a man is in a pastorate the harder that is going to be. The need for us all to realise we are accountable men, to God and to others is absolutely vital. We must keep our best men in the local church, preaching, teaching, leading sessions, being tied to one local body of believers. There’s no work like the work of the Church.”