The parable of the royal wedding invitation in Matthew 22 illustrates twelve characteristics of the Gospel Call:

1. A Divine Call: Although the Gospel comes to us through the mouths of His servants, it is the Sovereign God who ultimately issues the invitation (v. 2)

2. A Well-timed Call: Just as wedding invitations are issued when everything is in place, so the Gospel invitation comes when God has everything in place, ready, and waiting (4).

3. A Personal Call: A person (God), calls people (us), to a person (His Son). It’s not a call to a system, or a philosophy, or an experience, but to a person, the Son of God (2).

4. A Doctrinal Call: Although it’s a call to a person and not just to some facts, the person is defined by facts, by propositional truth. You need to know something about the Son to want to come to His wedding (2)

5. A Generous Call: Look at what God has prepared in His Son – Rich food for the hungry, cool water for the thirsty, deep joy for the sad, warm company for the lonely, full forgiveness for the guilty (4).

6. A Gracious Call: Look at who God invites. He sends his servants out to the highways and byways, to call as many as they can find, “both good and bad,” implying that the “good” still need the Gospel and the “bad” can still have the Gospel (9-10)

7. A Wide Call: God does not just call the elect, but as many as His servants can find. The question, therefore, is not, “Am I one of the elect?” but, “Am I one of the human race?” If so, I’m invited (9).

8. A Sincere Call: God does not send out invited hoping people do not come. Look at the repetition, the passion, and the persuasion in His invites (2,4,10).

9. A Patient Call: He invites again, and again, and again.

10. A Simple Call: “Come to my Son’s wedding (4).” What’s so complicated about that? Why do we complicate it so much then?

11. A Solemn Call: Unlike most invitations where a refusal does not carry too many consequences, continued rejection of God’s invite eventually results in divine punishment (7).

12. A Successful Call: Although many refuse and reject, many do accept. The wedding is furnished with guests and there are no empty seats (10).

Are you coming?

  • Nancy Guthrie

    Yes, I’m coming! I will be dressed in the robes of Christ’s righteousness, ready to feast at his table!

    • Marie Peterson

      Me too!!!!

  • Marie Peterson

    I’m listening to music on my Amazon Cloud Player, and I just heard this hymn just after I read this!:

    Behold a host, arrayed in white,
    Like thousand snow clad mountains bright,
    With palms they stand. Who is this band
    Before the throne of light?
    Lo, these are they of glorious fame
    Who from the great affliction came
    And in the flood of Jesus’ blood
    Are cleansed from guilt and blame.
    Now gathered in the holy place
    Their voices they in worship raise,
    Their anthems swell where God doth dwell,
    Mid angels’ song of praise.

    Despised and scorned, they sojourned here;
    But now, how glorious they appear!
    Those martyrs stand a priestly band,
    God’s throne forever near.
    So oft, in troubled days gone by,
    In anguish they would weep and sigh.
    At home above the God of Love
    For aye their tears shall dry.
    They now enjoy their Sabbath rest,
    The paschal banquet of the blest;
    The Lamb, their Lord, at festal board
    Himself is Host and Guest.

    Then hail, ye mighty legions, yea,
    All hail! Now safe and blest for aye,
    And praise the Lord, who with His Word
    Sustained you on the way.
    Ye did the joys of earth disdain,
    Ye toiled and sowed in tears and pain.
    Farewell, now bring your sheaves and sing
    Salvation’s glad refrain.
    Swing high your palms, lift up your song,
    Yea, make it myriad voices strong.
    Eternally shall praise to Thee,
    God, and the Lamb belong.

    - Hans A. Bror­son

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