Why newspapers need to hire more Christians
“Media outlets who want to understand America should at least have a few journalists hanging around who share — or at least, aren’t hostile to — the Christian faith.”

British Christians fed up with “coarse, sneering” mockery of Christianity
A new ComRes survey, commissioned by the Coalition for Marriage, found that 67 percent of 535 practicing Christians polled feel they are part of a “persecuted minority”. It also found that 76 percent said that many people opposed to “same-sex marriage” are reluctant to say so for fear of being called a bigot.

Anderson Cooper’s Coverage of the Gosnell Atrocities
You’ll need a strong stomach for this.

How to build a billion dolar business and still get home by 5.30pm
Fascinating insight into the life and business practices of Survey Monkey’s Dave Goldberg.

The sorry state of the apology
After a spate of celebrity apologies, Dorothy Greco says that “though their public mea culpas might make for a great sound bite, they lack the components of a bona fide apology. Sadly, within the church, we rarely do much better. ”

The preacher’s vocal hygiene
Lot’s of practical advice from Jeremy Walker on how preachers/teachers can care for their vocal chords.