Does your church inadvertently hurt people with mental illness?
Amy Simpson with some challenging questions for churches. Here are another couple of important contributions to this discussion: Mind, Body, and Medications and The role of language in the stigma of mental illness.

We are family: What African Americans bring to reformed theology
Jemar Tisby: “While it’s true that the African American community can benefit from Reformed theology as it stands, Blacks have much to offer from their own theological and cultural heritage as well.”

How older members brighten the future of the church
Thabiti: “I wonder if others observe a phenomenon I think I see in many churches: people clustering with others in their generation? The 20-somethings spend their time with other 20-somethings talking about 20-something concerns….”

Dear Mr President
A heartbroken mother tells the president how she tried to explain abortion to her disbelieving young children.

Why was Christ veiled in the Law?
Nick Batzig gathers some wonderful quotes from John Owen and Geerhardus Vos.

Everybody is thinking about retirement wrong
The first part of this Forbes article is rather technical, but there are some thought-provoking points towards the end where he argues that “retirement as a cultural concept needs to go away.”

  • Jim Westrate

    Dear Dr Murray : I always like your links .I just wanted to comment on your link about the the age segregation in the churches.Isn’t that what happens in society from our early ages. We put the 5 yr olds in class and then the 6 yr olds ..all through school people are with others that are their own age. then dad goes to work and the children go to school and since mom can’t do everything the grandparents have to go to the rest home and we wonder why the older people are not mentoring younger people.Then you get what happens in 1 Kings 12 where King Rehoboam is trying to decide what to do as the ruler of Israel and in v6 at least he asks the elders but v8 says he consulted and followed the counsel of the ” young men that were grown up with him, and which stood before him: “

  • David Murray

    Great point Jim. Perfect illustration.