Yesterday was my 47th birthday, which I celebrated holding my two-week old baby in my arms. Some scattered thoughts as I reflect on this gracious providence:

My God is surprising: Most asked question during Shona’s pregnancy? “Was it a surprise?” Most tempting answer? “Yes, neither of us have any idea how this happened!” But our most common answer: “It wasn’t a surprise to God!” No, He wasn’t surprised, but it was a surprise to us in the sense that we didn’t think that God would give us another child in our mid-forties, 10 years after the last one! We sometimes just look at one another and laugh.

Scot Lewis Murray 2 hours old and fast asleep

My spirit is reviving: A few years ago, when I had numerous health problems and then almost died from blood clots in my lungs, I got quite morose for a while. I felt my life had peaked and was now on the downward slope towards decrepitude, retirement, and mortality. Best years behind me and all that. But this little bundle of life has given me a new lease of life and I’m raring to go again.

Scot Lewis Murray now 2 weeks old and a bit brighter

My body is aging: Yes, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak! Despite my revived spirit, my body won’t cooperate as it used to. I now know why most people do this in their twenties and thirties. Scot certainly won’t have as active a father as my other kids, but he’s got four entertainers to take my place.

Shona's right and left hand men

My wife is amazing: Like me, Shona’s no spring chicken, and yet there she is night after night leaping crawling out of bed to feed Scot, sometimes three times a night, while I snore on. It’s like she’s 25 all over again. I love watching her beautiful care for this little man.

My kids are helping: Well, OK, the two girls are. They are actually competing to change the most diapers! The boys? Well, they’re doing more than their fair share of chores about the house. And they love to stroke the wee guy’s warm and fuzzy head.

L-R: Joni, Allan, Amy, and Angus

My church is rejoicing: It’s really taken us aback to see the joy that other Christians have for us and with us. We took the wee guy out to church last Sunday night (he slept through the whole service), and we were just overwhelmed with the waves of joy and gladness. People have been so kind with meals, presents, cards, etc. We’re deeply grateful. Everyone seems to love the name as well – Scot Lewis Murray. As he’s our first only American, we wanted to give him a permanent reminder of his roots. BTW, Scot with one “T” is the Scottish version. Two “T’s” is Irish. And “Lewis” is Shona’s island home and also where I pastored for seven wonderful years.

My future is shrinking: Although we know that our lives could end at anytime, when we have children in our twenties, we usually think that we’ll see our children marry and have children of their own, etc. With Scot, I’ll be a senior when he’s a senior, though at different ends of the scale. I won’t see as much of his life as my other children. That’s painful in a way, and yet it calls forth more faith and trust as I commend him and my future to God – however long or short it may be.

My Father and Mother visiting from Scotland

My parenting is humbling: One of the cards I got yesterday, said “To the best Dad in the world.” It was a lovely sentiment. I wish it was true. It’s not. I feel I’ve been such a failure as a Dad, so much so that I really can’t believe God would give me another son to father. Scot may get the benefit of some of the failures I’ve learned from over the years, but my hope for him is not in my fathering. It’s in my Heavenly Father and His gift of His only Son.

  • Kim Shay

    What a beautiful family! God bless you all!

  • Suanne

    Such precious words these are….made me cry. Rejoicing and celebrating with you and in God!

  • Susan Davenport

    Thank you for sharing your family with us. Just another example of what a kind, gracious Father we serve. Enjoy every day, every stage that he has give to you and Shona. Our love to you all from us in NC!!!!!

  • Johanna Maartense

    The miracle we want for all our children is that they receive the gift of knowing their Heavenly Father and that Christ become their All and in All. What a gift that is to know that our children will live their life seeking and praising God for all that He has given us. “3 John:4,” I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”
    Our life is never the same from the moment of conception, we worry about the health of the child even when we cannot see him. And what a blessing it is to hold this tiny life in your arms and thank God for His mercy. Our arms, love and care will encircle this child and all the others God has given us the rest of our lives or their life. The love continues so indescribably deep I cannot even find the right words to define it. Thank you for this caring and honest blog. Hold them all with all the love you can muster,”Nahum 1:7″ The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble, and He knoweth them that trust in Him. Love Jo

  • CherylVT

    What a blessing God has given! How fun to hear how your older kids are pitching in and helping. Thank you for sharing your family with us. We have a gracious and merciful Father. =)

  • Crosland

    Thanks for such a great update and birthday reflections. May the joy of Scot being born bring great energy where sleep depreviation wants to takeover. My prayer for Scot is that he would never know a day where he did not know the saving love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Blessings to you all.

  • Fernando

    Gorgeous family! I heard that you’ll be making your way to Canada to speak at a Conference. Can’t wait.

  • Flora Compton

    What a lovely family! May you be blessed to not only see “your children’s children” but also your children’s children’s children,as we have.

    Dave was 47 when our youngest was born. I didn’t think he would see her grow up, especially when he had many health problems ,including a brain tumour,in his fifties. Yet in the Lord’s merciful providence, he celebrated his 80th birthday in Kenya,with her and her husband and children.

  • Caroline Cordle

    Just lovely to read – you are so blessed. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family, as you labour for Him.

  • St. Steve of Northern Lights

    Praise the Lord for your son, Pastor Murray! “He has made everything beautiful in its time!” “Children are his good gift.”
    “For I am rejoicing each day in the Lord!”

    My Father in law, a URC minister went through a discouraging period as their church prepared to separate from the CRC back in the day. In the midst of that the Lord surprised him and my mother with a baby boy, and he found that to be a great blessing and encouragement!

    Thanks for sharing your personal stories and family life and your pastoral wisdom in Christ! Thanks also for your psalms links just recently as well.

  • Nathan W. Bingham

    Happy Birthday and congratulations again. Beautiful reflections and we’re all rejoicing at the arrival of Scot.

  • Paul & Carine Bakker

    It was so precious to share in your honest reflection on being a father (and being a family) by the grace of God. Truly, God has blessed your family in a very special way! May He delight in you all as you desire to love, know ,obey and please Him in everything. May God richly bless you in the years to come!

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  • se7en

    Oh Congratulations on your birthday and to your family on their new little Scot. I love the photo of all your kids together – how special… I know my older kids have loved and adored having little fellows to look after – challenging and strengthening all at the same time!!! What a blessing that little fellow is to you all… lovely to see a family post!!!

  • Susan Nye Ferrell

    Thanks for sharing David. I just love the pictures and the comments. Wee Scot is precious and what a gift! I’m sure the other bairns are thrilled! And at least God gives you a lot of helpers with this “later” life one…take advantage of that! Shona looks wonderful! I still can’t believe we’ve not met.

  • Perry Coghlan

    We had our youngest at age 45 (she’s now 19). We rejoice with y’all at God’s gracious providence. May He bless and keep y’all in peace.

  • Jeremy Gardiner

    Congrats brother!!!!!

  • Janet

    David, I was already a grandmother and 44 years of age when we had our last baby. My husband was 47, turning 48. Christopher is now 13 years old, and I cannot explain with words what a joy it is to have a son that age when I’m nearly 60 and my husband is 63! Christopher keeps us young at heart. He gives us joy every day!

    When he was very small, I was often mistaken for a sister of my daughters who were having babies at that time. That was fun!

    I’m here to tell you that you are not alone, and even though you think you are filled with joy now, it will only grow as Scot grows in stature and in wisdom. You are so blessed!

  • Karen

    What a blessing from God your child is. I was 42 and my husband was 53 when we had our last “surprise” from God. She just turned twelve and is such a joy. We would have it no other way and continue to trust God to care for us and her. Praying he will seek after God and know Him at an early age. God bless!

  • Marcia S.

    How wonderful to see your beautiful little Scot in your arms at last! I, too, have held a newborn in my arms at age 47, and can easily relate to your emotions at this time. A dear lady from my congregation told me that when her own mother had a child a age 46, she lamented, “Oh, will I even see him get married?” That same mother was present at her son’s 25th wedding anniversary! Whether we become parents at a young age or older, our lives are not our own. Our age simply reinforces that concept in our minds.
    Wishing you and your wife much joy with this new child, and may Ps.91:16 be your portion.

  • Jonathan Tsai

    Congratulations! and thanks for sharing these thoughtful reflections.

  • Dan N

    Great perspective on becoming a new dad in the back side of your 40s. My wife and I had our oldest son when I was 42 and we adopted internationally three years later; I was 46 when he came home with us. My boys will allow no excuses of age or evening fatigue when it comes to playing baseball with them!

  • Dan Sudfeld

    I congratulate you and certainly relate to your points and to many of the comments. We adopted all four of our sons when I was between age 35 – 45. I sometimes get frustrated by my lack of being able to match their energy level. However, when I am weak, He is strong.

  • Shannon

    Thanks for sharing. You give this 44 year old father of one inspiration and hope for child # 2.

  • David Murray

    Thanks so much for all your hearty good wishes. Much appreciated. And thanks for sharing so many of your own encouraging stories. I’m looking forward to this even more now.

  • Henry and Jenny Jansen

    Dear Dr. Murray, Shona and family….congratulations on this beautiful gift from God…His ways are perfect!!!!!! …..surprises are wonderful. Congratulations also as you celebrate your birthday Dr. Murray, God bless you and yours. Enjoy every minute of every day, and trust the Lord with the future. Love from Henry and Jenny, Chilliwack, BC.

  • Anthony

    We too had a “Late One ” we were told children were out of the question years prior and that was OK ..I wanted no children. Weeks before leaving on a European vacation and days before my 46th birthday I came home to a Wife crying and a sonogram of a 16 week old. Thankfully as He became 6 years old he made a statement that made me see what he was seeing. That Sunday I fell to my knees in front of the whole congregation and have no desire to look back at the “Use to be Me “.
    I have been blessed with a Son, a Father, and unending love for God and my fellow man.

    • David Murray

      Amazing story. Thanks for sharing Anthony.