My son, Allan, is about to enter his senior year at High School. He’s been desperately trying to find summer work for the past few months in order to get gas money and hopefully save up for college. However, the recession hit Michigan hard and the effects are still being felt with limited job opportunities and lots of applicants for the few that are made public.

He did get a few weeks of part-time work mulching for Superior Groundcover in the late spring and enjoyed the physicality of that work after many weeks and months at the school desk. However that had a very limited season, and since then he’s been knocking on lots of doors looking for work without success. He almost got a job with a car dealership, until they realized that he was still only 17 and their insurance wouldn’t cover him driving cars on their lot.

Anyway, last week, out of the blue, he announces that he’s starting a Junk Removal Business, sets up a Facebook page, prints 100 flyers, and off he goes to push them into mailboxes. And waited.

And then, to his huge delight, the phone rang. Someone wanted to get rid of an old shed that had been destroyed by the spring flood here in Grand Rapids. He went straight to the property, quoted, and got his first business deal! A morning’s work, two trips to the local landfill, and $100 in the bank!! With another three jobs this week, the young entrepreneur is up and running. His American dream begins at the very bottom, but he loves the hard work and is really excited about being his own boss (that started when he was about 3 months old!).

So, if you live within 40-50 miles of Grand Rapids, and you’ve got some old junk lying in your attic, your garage, or your yard, why not give the budding tycoon a call. He charges $50 for a trailer load (4×8 trailer), he’ll gather all your stuff for you, and he’ll leave you with a nice clean yard, garage, etc.  You can read more about his work here and also get his cell number. Or visit his Facebook page.

PS. The truck and trailer in the picture are, shall we say, an “artist’s impression.” The reality is slightly different.

  • John MacRobert

    Great story! Great encouragement to others! Well done Allan. May the grace of the Lord abound to you.

  • Lona

    I was so excited when I saw his ad. As some of you know we had tenants in our basement for a little over 4 years. They were 4 months behind in rent and wouldn’t quit smoking inside. We had asked them to move out which they did, no problem. When we went down there we were appalled (sp ?) I can’t think of another word. They left us so much junk, outside and inside. 3 carpets had to be taken out because of cigarette burns and dog urine. There was not enough for a dumpster and to much for trash barrel. So you can imagine my excitement, when I saw Allen’s Ad. God’s providence is so exciting. Since Jake is a builder he brings home stuff, material taken off and out of homes, left over material. Sometimes he can use some of it, but it piles up. Maybe we can use Allan for that too. Jake does burn a lot of the wood.
    Mid afternoon Allan is coming to give us a quote.

  • Brian R.

    Enouraging indeed! Best to you, Allan. Hope the jobs flow abundantly. If you went as far south as Atlanta I’d probably hire you, but I’m guessing that’s out of your range.

    Love the blog, Dr. Murray. Enjoy it almost daily. Keep up the great work.

  • Tom Ascol

    Love this story! May God prosper Allan in every way!

  • Anne Marie Henderson

    Good for you Allan, hope you are kept busy : )

  • Les

    Congratulations to him! Make sure he pays any relevant landfill fees. He needs to be cautious about any hazardous waste (used buckets of paints, paint thinner, solvents, fuels, motor oil, pesticides, herbicides, ect) since it may require disposal at a designated facility that may or may not charge a fee. He may be better off agreeing to only haul the nonhazardous part of the job.

  • Marcia S.

    Wonderful to see that sort of initiative in a teenager! With a number of teenagers and students here, I thoroughly understand the employment woes.
    Wishing Allen a busy and profitable summer.

  • DR Morrison

    I have only one question……. Is he looking for employees?!

  • David Murray

    Thanks all. I passed on your messages to Allan and he was hugely encouraged. We’ll keep you updated on progress.

  • Justin

    Great story. My question…. Is he using the same truck from the “F-250 gospel”? If so, even better story.

  • Haul

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  • Mike

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  • haripriya

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