Why most Americans hate their jobs
I can’t imagine what it must be like to do a job you hate EVERY DAY! So thankful to do a job I love.

If you are hesitant to come to Christ…
Jonathan Edwards would like to ask you some questions. And here are some Life Lessons from Jonathan Edwards.

Why Biblical Languages Matter…
Even if you forget them.

Let the tone of your sermon match the tone of your text
“A brief word about genre: it exists; honor it. Paul’s letters are different from the Psalms, from the minor prophets, from the Pentateuch. Preachers should not handle the Bible as though there is no difference between the various kinds and styles of biblical writing.”

Introverted Pastors
Tony Reinke interviews self-confessed introvert pastor, Jared Wilson.

Coffee and Creativity
“The strange scientific connection between coffee and creativity.” Not sure if this is sponsored by Starbucks, but I’m still not giving up my noise-canceling Bose headphones.