Chris Christie’s War
Dr. Harry L. Reeder says that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has “declared war on the First Amendment, the family, and the church, while blaspheming the God of glory.”

The Puritans: Stephen Charnock
Tim Challies continues his great series of potted biographies on the Puritans. See links at the end of the article for previous posts in the series.

Is There Hope For My Marriage?
What would you do if you got this invitation from a foreign country where Christians are persecuted: “We are first generation Christians, and we don’t know what it looks like to build a Christian marriage or raise our children as Christians. Please come help us.”

A Single Hope
A positive look at singleness

10 Lessons I Learned Pastoring the Same Church For 10 Years
Brian Croft reflects.

Flash Flooding in Southern Utah