Scudder: The Christian’s Daily Walk
The Christian’s Daily Walk is a devotional written by the English Clergyman Henry Scudder during the 17th Century. In its days, it was commended by such contemporaries as John Owen and Richard Baxter. It has now been turned into an App.

Jack’s Typewriter
Some fascinating research from Tony Reinke about why C.S Lewis’s refused to use a typewriter.

The Indispensable Need for Biblical Friendships
Paul Tautges: “Thus, there is a paradox in the church:  We want friendship, but we really don’t want to do the hard work necessary to build real friendship.”

Is he humble?
A question my favorite professor always asked of potential pastors.

How important is projection when we preach?
Brain Croft with some tips on improving voice projection in public speaking.

4 Ways to Listen in an Age of Speed
Jonathan Dodson: “While our speed is picking up, so is our relational foolishness. Hurried to get on to the next task, event, or tweet, we ride right over people.”