Christianity and Homosexuality
Tim Keller reviews Washed and Waiting and Is God Anti-Gay? I’ve read Washed and Waiting and while appreciating much in it, I share Keller’s discomfort with the author’s self-identification as a gay Christian (though not practicing) because it tends to make make same-sex desires part of one’s essential identity, rather than who you are in Christ.

Have You Been Burned by a NANC Counselor?
Outstandingly courageous leadership from Heath Lambert. While rightly defending and praising much of the quality work done by biblical counselors, Heath honestly admits there have been failings and not only apologizes but also commits to greater accountability structures. Way too often the response has been “Well if you think we’re bad, let me tell you how bad secular counselors are!” as if one wrong cancels out another. I’m hugely encouraged by Heath’s initial few months as Executive Director of NANC.

Why The Church Still Needs The Seminary
I’m not posting this for purposes of self-preservation!

7 Reasons Pastors Burn Out
I’d say #1 and #7 are the most common and they are both rooted in the inability to see oneself as a limited creature with physical needs. And if you want a great remedy, you only have a few more weeks until Al Martin’s You Lift Me Up is published.

Jesus and the Old Testament in John 3:1-15
This is a great piece on how Jesus shows Himself as the fulfillment of the Old Testament in John 3, demonstrating once again that the best commentary on the New Testament is the Old Testament.

Two is better than one: Who knew?
Al Mohler reports on the pragmatic case for marriage: “Put bluntly, the failure to marry dramatically increases the likelihood of poverty and continued economic retreat.”