Seek Peace and Pursue It
Jemar Tisby writes on the quest for racial harmony. “since many of our Christian congregations remain racially homogenous, it begs the question, “Is there peace in the church between people of different races and ethnicities?” The phrase “seek peace and pursue it” may help answer those questions.”

Thanksgiving is Loud
Joe Thorn: “We had worked hard to prepare the house and the event, but I had not prepared my heart. Though I was surrounded by tremendous blessings I was, in that moment, blind to it all. The house was loud on Thanksgiving, but my heart was quiet.”

In Case It’s The Right Question
Addie Zimmerman on asking the questions that open the door to admitting we’re weak and need help.

Why I Think Non-Pastors Should Care About Pastoral Theology
Lisa Robinson gives three reasons why non-pastors should be interested in pastoral theology.

Book Review: The Masculine Mandate by Rick Phillips
I couldn’t agree more with Dan. This is THE standout book on biblical masculinity and leadership. It would make a great gift to any man (or son) in your life. As to why it hasn’t got as much traction, I blame the cover!

The Punishing Sound of Silence
Kevin DeYoung has a solution to the horrific “Knockout” game that is being fueled by social media fame. And in case that really depressed you, watch this…

Band of Brothers Rally Round Boy Age 6 To Stop Bullying