An Illustration of Repentance at Work
Benjamin Shaw’s powerful illustration will not only help you understand yourself better, but also help you to patiently counsel others.

Can Any Good Come From Controversy?
Trillia Newbell: “Often the news that spreads the quickest is controversial—someone said something or did something that wasn’t wise, was hurtful, or shameful. We hear about it for about a week or so and then it goes away. So can any good come from controversies?” Staying with the subject of controversy, Mike Leake has a necessary reminder for bloggers that their focus is sometimes quite different to their congregation’s.

Preventing adultery
Rebecca writes from a woman’s perspective, while Tim writes more from the man’s side.

How to Preach Christ in all the Scriptures
Fred Malone gives us an example from Old Testament prophecy.

Prepare Now for Your Pain
Bryan DeWire describes how God prepared him theologically for day in December 2007 when his Dad died at the young age of 44. He concludes: “Begin preparing now, in the ‘normal days,’ knowing that some portion of suffering is coming, and God has made available the resources to get you ready.”

(Don’t) Say it With Flowers
Mike Wittmer: “Last night I attended my fifth grader’s school Christmas concert, and I noticed something I had never seen before. It seemed that every fourth parent was carrying cut flowers to give to their child. One even had a dozen roses. When did this start? And what does it mean?”