Withdrawing Life Support
Chris Bogosh gives us three factors Christian’s need to consider when it comes to withdrawing life support.

Totes Magotes
I have no idea what this title means but the article makes some good points about the direction of social media and blogs.

4 Godly Disciplines Unique to This Decade
Clint Archer: “There are no new sins, only more diverse and efficient ways of committing them…Here are four godly disciplines to pursue in 2014 that have taken on a unique significance in the last five to ten years.”

Clergy Have 50% Higher rates of Anxiety and Depression
“Several extrinsic demands (job stress, life unpredictability) and intrinsic demands (guilt about not doing enough work, doubting one’s call to ministry) significantly predicted depression and anxiety, as did rewards such as ministry satisfaction and lack of financial stress.”

Is it Wise to Encourage Your Kids to Attend College Straight Out of School?
Read about the brave Dad who encouraged his daughters to drop out of College because spending $25,000 per year so that they could find themselves was not money well spent.

5 Prayers for the Church in 2014
I’d add, “Send Holy Spirit-led Revival.” Or maybe these five prayers would be a revival.