Women’s Conferences: Why?
Emily Freeman on why you should go to the TGC Women’s Conference in June.

Christians & Movies: Are We Contextualizing or Compromising?
I’m with Trevin here.

Possible Reasons Why Churches Don’t Pursue Being Crosscultural
Thanks to Leon Brown for the link to this challenging piece.

Working Towards Intergenerational Relations
Jonathan Storment wants another kind of diversity: “Any church worth the name must learn to bury its members. One unhappy side effect of American Christianity’s accommodation to youth culture has been the formation of congregations that have no significant intergenerational membership, no elders who are facing frailty and death, no one to say goodbye to and commend to the perpetual light of Christ. Such churches may be full of youthful vitality, but learning to proclaim the resurrection life in the face of grief and loss is essential to spiritual maturity and true spiritual power.”

Don’t Outsource Your Sermon Prep
Sad that this even has to be written, but it’s well written and argued.

Why I Love An Evening Service
Tim Challies: “Of all the casualties the church has suffered in recent decades, I wonder if many will have longer-lasting consequences than the loss of the evening service. There was a time, not so long ago, when many or even most churches gathered in the morning.”