We have but one weapon left in our battle against gay marriage.

The happy Christian family.

We’ve lost the media, we’ve lost the polls, we’ve lost the courts, we’ve lost the major parties,  we’ve lost most politicians, we’ve lost the universities and colleges, we’ve lost the military, we’ve lost the workplace, and we’ve even lost many churches.

But we’ve not lost our families.

And the happy Christian family is potentially our greatest asset.

If there’s one thing that people are persuaded by, it’s happiness.

Our society has no idea how this terrible experiment with marriage and the family is going to play out in the coming years. No one can know the long-term consequences, especially for children. No supporter of gay marriage can predict the eventual impact of this massive cultural and societal revolution. It’s a fearful leap into the unknown that will result in unfathomable damage to innumerable multitudes of children (and adults). Our social services, our schools, our healthcare providers, and our criminal justice system are going to be picking up the tab for decades to come.

Incalculable Cost
If we thought the price tag of the 1960′s heterosexual revolution was high, get your biggest calculator out because the physical, emotional, societal, and psychological cost of this is going to be stratospheric and catastrophic.

And here’s where our opportunity lies.

Starting now, let all Christian parents double and triple their efforts to build Christian marriages and Christian families on the Word of God. Let’s demonstrate the superiority of God’s way. Lets prayerfully dedicate ourselves to loving one another as never before. Let’s call our children to be missionaries and witness for the power of Christian parenting. In private and in public let’s show how God’s way is the happiest and the healthiest way. If we’ve been bad examples and bad commercials for Christian marriage and parenting, let’s repent, seek God’s grace, and re-commit to God and to one another. Let’s show the world how happy our marriages are, and how happy the Christian family is – even through life’s ups and downs.

Two Models
Make no mistake, there are going to be two “models” of the family fighting it out in the coming years: the Christian model and the “everything else” model – homosexual, polygamous, polyamorous (don’t ask), and who knows what else.

Yes, we can and must protest and critique all these perversions of God’s order, but above all we’ve got to live out God’s order in as compelling and beautiful and persuasive a way as possible.

It’s going to take time. And there will be suffering along the way. Some of us are going to lose our jobs, our money, and even our liberty. But that’s just going to provide an even greater stage and shine an even brighter spotlight on Christian families to show the power of the Gospel in the family order that God has wisely designed and provided for humanity.

Anecdotes and Statistics
Initially all we’ll have are impressions and anecdotes, as people see, observe, and draw their own inevitable conclusions when they compare how the two models are working out. But eventually we will have statistics on our side as well, as sociologists begin to compile the facts and figures from our schools, our hospitals, our mental health institutions, our businesses, our social services, and so on. Eventually the case will be a slam dunk and there will be a frantic search for the rewind button.

Obviously this is all predicated on the assumption that God will continue to spare us, and not deal with us as He dealt with Sodom, while this awful experiment is played out. Abraham’s prayer gives me great hope in that regard (Genesis 18:22-33).

In the meantime, let’s make the happiness of our families our greatest aim in life and make it clear to all the world not just what we are AGAINST, but also what we are FOR, and to do so in a way that will persuade more effectively than any amount of blog posts.

  • Marie Peterson

    Amen, brother! One question though, what should the Christian single do?

    • David Murray

      Good question! But I think the same principle applies. Singles are still part of families. They also have an additional opportunity to show how, with God’s help, the single Christian can thrive and flourish.

  • Bill Moerdyk

    A sad reality which is only beginning to show it’s ugly head. The battle is on! We stand ready!

  • Raymond Roth

    Right on. Psalm 2 – all this madness amounts to “imagining a vain thing.” And thankfully we know how this story will end.

  • Jesse Light

    You rightly note that one thing we have not lost is our families, and as a father of three small children, one of my greatest fears is that is exactly what they will come for next. And I don’t mean in some ideological sense, because that’s been going on forever. I mean physically. How long will it be until the state decides Christian parents, due to their “backwards” values, are unfit or even abusive, and starts trying to take their children away? I don’t think it is that far-fetched to imagine. Pro-homosexual forces are already shutting down the businesses of Christians who fail to conform. That’s no longer simply opposing our values in the public square- that’s an assault on private property and enterprise. And they are getting away with it. Why won’t they take their invasion to the next level and deprive us of our children as well under the pretense of “protecting” them?

    • David Murray

      Good point Jesse. These are indeed worrying times.

  • Laura Hooper

    I really appreciated this article. I am very concerned with our next generation (I am a former teacher) being abused or bullied for any reason. Having lived in different countries, I have learned we must respect the culture – but not force our views upon children. Some, even within so – called “churches”, have been abused. Ritual abuse in the name of religion has taken on some ugly forms.

  • Tom

    Great post! I may just read this to the congregation on Sunday. Super helpful to see a broader, societal purpose as we strive to have biblical families!

    • David Murray

      Thanks Tom.

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  • Jeremy Walker

    “My son, be wise, and make my heart glad, that I may answer him who reproaches me” (Prv 27.11).