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  • Terry Rayburn

    While concern about potential “sex scandals” has some importance within or without the “conservative homeschool circles”, I thought the article/post was weak for several reasons:

    1. It sort of “brands” homeschooling as more conducive to sexual sin than non-homeschooling, a ridiculous charge, especially as compared to public schooling.

    2. Although the author rightly attributes “legalism” in general as a catalyst to sin, it is quite irrelevant to homeschooling per se. Legalism of that sort is rampant in many Christian families who send their children to public or private schools.

    3. Its [understandable] vagueness leaves me saying, “What exactly is the problem here?”

    4. It implies that “conservative” equals “legalistic”. While they certainly sometimes are congruent, the backlash against “conservative” (in the sense of Bible-believing) leads to all kinds of wacky churches and movements.

    5. Many of us have had wonderful experiences with homeschooling and highly advocate it. I find it disconcerting for a believer to sort of cast a broad shadow over the movement, thereby joining the unbelieving world in creating suspicion for a movement many of us think is wise and biblical.

    6. The simple truth is, one will find sin in every walk of life, including the author’s multi-campus mega-church — just in case she hasn’t discovered that yet :)