Little Lamb
Kara Dedert describes how a visiting nurse sensed something unique and supernatural about her seriously disabled son, Calvin. She closes with this beautiful paragraph:

Whether or not Calvin does “see” or “hear” something, I’ll never know. BUT, we do know that God is not bound to our constraints of cognitive and physical ability. I do know that Calvin is filled with joy and a peace more consistently and abundantly than any person I’ve ever met. I don’t doubt for a minute that he knows so much more than he is able to express. I do know that the Lord loves to work in the unexpected, to give joy in broken places, to commune with little needy lambs.

The Most Consequential Religious Liberty Case in a Generation
Denny Burk with a pre-emptive strike against the distortions and misrepresentations you will encounter as the Hobby Lobby Case goes to the Supreme Court this week. And here’s a fine interview with Steve Green, the owner of Hobby Lobby. Loved this line: “If the ruling goes against Hobby Lobby, “I don’t know what we will do but I am sure what we will not do,” he said. He will say as the three men told the king, “even if God does not deliver us, we still cannot do this.” (Daniel 3:16-18).

8 Tips for Free Online Learning
Towards the end of this article you will find 8 tips for what to look for when considering an online course – teaching or learning.

Screwtape on How to Ruin the Gospel Coalition
Published by the Gospel Coalition.

Pastors, Preach the Why Before the What
Trevin Wax: “Simon Sinek’s book, Start with Why, is geared to the business world, but his insights into this subject have ramifications for church life. He points out that the best companies (like Apple) don’t start with the product; they start with the why - a vision and purpose for existence.”

Unforgettable 10 Days of Baby The Parents Knew Was Going to Die
I dare anyone to say this life was not worth living and loving.

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