France Just Made It Illegal To Answer Work Emails After 6pm
Slightly overstated headline but now there’s a new lifehack for dealing with email 24/7: Move to France. Personally, I’m not that desperate.

Bible-Balance in Christian Ministry
Excellent, excellent from David Crabb: “You don’t hear a lot about it in seminary. It doesn’t get much discussion in pastoral theology books. But one of the more complex challenges of Christian leadership is cultivating a Bible-balanced ministry. What does it mean for a church, or a ministry, to be Bible-balanced? Why is it important?”

Not what you think. It’s mnemonic for a novel and appealing way of approaching church meetings.

Happy Birthday Jake
Some wonderful writing here. Just a sample: “Sometimes when I look into your silent eyes, I still connect with those quiet mornings in your nursery, when all our dreams were before us—so young, fresh and new. And I wait patiently, in hopeful anticipation of future grace, for the time to come when you are set free from your disability. A moment of eternity when we will walk steady and talk of deep things that fathers and sons discuss.”

You’re Waking Up Wrong
There is an ideal way to start your workday, and, if you own a smartphone, you’re probably not doing it.

Dog Detects Cancer And Saves Owner’s Life
This is quite amazing. Multiple studies have shown that dogs can smell the volatile chemicals given off by cancerous tumors. When Maureen Burns’ dog Max started acting differently around her, she went to her doctor and discovered she had the early stages of breast cancer.

  • Rob

    It does pique my interest … yet it perhaps should be a subtle indictment to large portions of the larger evangelical Reformed movement of self preoccupation with its own influence so that the Modern evangelical Reformed version of Matthew 25.40 is- you were a familiar well-regarded colleague and we welcomed you, you were very well-dressed with no alcohol breathe, unshaven beard or unwashed and we accepted you. You were healthy and fairly well-to-do and we garnered your favor. We were influential and a shaker [in a god sense] and we sought you out.