Whatever Happened to a Sabbath Day’s Rest?
A very brave Jemar Tisby: “I know I’m wading into controversial theological territory here.  And I admit that I don’t know all the nuances of what it means to have a biblical Sabbath.  I’m just speaking as a simple worshiper who is still refining his thought and practice on this subject.  That being said, here are five truths about taking a Sabbath day’s rest.”

Why The Social Networks Are Falling Apart
Fascinating article that examines the future of social networking and explains why the big social companies are buying multiple “independent” apps.

The Best Jobs Of 2014
Looks like they involve lots of math, data, and code.

6 Easy Ways To Contribute To Your Pastor’s Emotional Health
Ken Miller: “I’m a third generation pastor. My father was a pastor for forty-three years and a denominational leader for the majority of that time. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of pastors suffer and then hide their emotional sickness. The result was often a personal implosion and forced termination.”

Abusers in The Christian Church: The Five Stages of Biblical Repentance
“One of the strangest and most deplorable phenomena I’ve ever encountered in the Christian church is the tendency of many believers to take the side of the abuser in domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual assault cases, particularly if the abuser is a pastor or leader in the church.”

Darcy Oakes Jaw-Dropping Dove Illusions
This blows my brain.