Can We Trade Sexual Immorality For Church Growth
Russell Moore helps us rebut the argument that “evangelical Christianity must retool our sexual ethic if we’re ever going to reach the next generation.”

Equip Your Kids To Say No To Porn
“Parents must be proactive in talking about porn with their kids.”

The Best Way To Live
Tim Brister: “For Jesus, the Ten Commandments were not a restrictive list of don’ts. It was a prescription of the best way to love God and to love one another.” And here’s Trevin Wax on The Love Behind The Law.

The Higher Ed Bubble Starts to Pop
Five reasons why a spate of colleges have started closing their doors or slashing budgets and Faculty.

A Good Funeral
This pastor’s favorite aspect of church is conducting Christian funerals.

Twins Separated for 80 Years Reunited
As a twin myself this resonates deeply. Read more at the BBC.

  • Les

    I sometimes wonder if I have a twin since I’m adopted. I’ve never looked like anyone and get freaked whenever someone tells me I remind them of a person they know.