The Hateful Practice Of Redefinition
How much do you have to hate someone to tell them that sin is good?

10 Lessons I Learned In A Year Of Productivity Experiments
Valuable advice here. Watch the video on the importance of overlapping time, attention, and energy.

Church of Scotland Approves Gay Ministers While Ministers Head for The Exits
Not only are congregations and ministers leaving the Church of Scotland over their approval of gay ministers, but fewer than ever are entering the ministry. No wonder, when there’s no Gospel left to minister. One advocate of a gay ministry said: “A quarter of our charges do not have an inducted minister and we only have two ministers under the age of 30: when I was inducted, there were seven of us in my presbytery. Four times the number of ministers will retire in the next six years than we are likely to recruit in the same time-frame.”

Forgotten Songs: Reclaiming The Psalms for Christian Worship
Benjamin Shaw says this book is “a useful guide for bringing the Book of Psalms more fully into the life of the church and the Christian.”

Should You Get Engaged?
If it’s not too late for you, here’s a wonderful piece of work, centered around 12 F’s.

Just What Exactly Is A Scheme Anyway?
Answers the most common question asked about the ministry of 20 Schemes.