4 Obnoxious Things About Terry Gross’ Hilary Interview
Mollie Hemingway is fast becoming one of my favorite writers. I share her sympathy with Hilary in this interview and highly recommend her fourth point. A sample:

I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a single skeptical question from any journalist on the topic of same-sex marriage. Their advocacy for same has been crushing and has contributed to a destruction of discourse that is harmful to civil society. There has been virtually no decent treatment of the arguments against government redefinition of marriage and little beyond puffy cheerleading in favor of such a redefinition. There has been virtually no thought put into the chance that maybe there was some seriously important wisdom in the the marriage views of all societies throughout space and time before ours right now.

Ed Stetzer is Dead-on About Mental Illness and Christians…Now What?
A Christian doctor involved in mental health research supports Ed Stetzer’s analysis: “Sadly, I can’t help but conclude that in our desire as church to avoid the influence of anti-Biblical worldviews foundational to some treatment orientations employed in the mental health community and worldviews held by the vast preponderance of mental health practitioners…we’ve forgotten to love the people experiencing mental illness and contributed to needless suffering by millions of Christ followers and their families.”

Ten Tips to Becoming A More Productive Pastor
How can a pastor keep the pace in this marathon of ministry without burning out? How can a pastor remain productive with such demands? Thom Rainer offers ten tips to becoming a more productive pastor.

How My Son With Autism Transformed My Business
This is a wonderful story about Walgreens Vice-President Randy Lewis.

It’s Abuse, Not An Affair
Another Ed Stetzer bullseye: “Evangelicalism continues to whiff on opportunities to wage war against abuse within its own walls. We don’t see the signs. We miss what’s right in front of us. As such, we enable the perpetrators.”

Isn’t It Time We Celebrate Dads?
Couple of days late on this one, but as I tell my kids, every day should be Father’s Day…and Mother’s Day :)