All Christians are agreed that the Bible calls us to modesty. It’s hard though to find two who agree about what modesty means. Based on the multiple examples of immodesty seen on various red carpets throughout the year, here are seven questions to ask in our clothing choices. Hope they help more than the measuring tape.

The amount of fabric: Is there enough to cover what should be covered?

The position of the fabric: Does the fabric cover the critical places – high and low, front and back?

The transparency of the fabric: Is the fabric too see-through?

The holes in the fabric: Do the holes for arms, legs, and neck reveal too much? Are there holes where there should be fabric?

The movement of the fabric: Am I still modest when walk, sit down, or lean over?

The tightness of the fabric: Are my clothes more like body-paint?

The color/patterns/logos of the fabric: Am I attention seeking or trying to startle and get others talking about me?

The state of the heart: Most importantly, what are my motives in my clothing choices? Is it about pleasing the Lord first and most? Or is it about pleasing me, my friends, my culture, etc.? Or is it even about deliberately offending others.

Any other questions or guidelines you would offer?

While you’re thinking about that, here are some books and blog links that might help you and your kids think through these issues further. I don’t agree with everything written in them but they should stimulate some healthy debate!


Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America by Jeff Pollard

A Return to Modesty: Discovering the Lost Virtue by Wendy Shalit

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