In connection with the Bruce Jenner tragedy (can nobody see the irony in using Vanity Fair for this), here are some responses to help you talk to your kids and to everyone else who thinks this is the most important issue in the world right now.

Bruce Jenner Is Not Brave | The Federalist

Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner Needs Our Prayers Not Our Applause | David French

#2 In The Briefing Podcast Transcript

What The Church Should Say To Bruce Jenner | Russell Moore

Caitlyn Jenner And Love In The Future Tense | TGC

Some persuasive stats and argument in this one written by a non-Christian: Trans-gender Surgery Isn’t The Solution

Other helpful articles on the subject of transgender, written pre-Caitlyn.

Transgender: When Psychological Identity Trumps Bodily Identity | Denny Burk

Fifty-Six Shades Of Gender Insanity (this one written by a former transgender)

The Plastic Man | Gentle Reformation

Bruce Jenner, the Transgender Revolution, and Loving Our Neighbors | Denny Burk

Some Shortcomings of Modern Views on Gender Identity | Denny Burk

10 ways to love your transgender neighbor | Denny Burk

I am Ryland: The Story of a Male-identifying Little Girl Who Didn’t Transition

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  • acha648

    there is nothing wrong with Caitlyn…
    if you agree with Tim Keller and think there are no gender roles, just stereotypes prescribed by the bible
    and thus pretend
    Titus 2
    Genesis 1-3
    all do not exist
    then she gets to change her Gender
    after all you guys think a man performing the female role of homemaking and childcare ( primarily) is biblical…
    anything is thus biblical…