Here’s the trailer for a superbly-produced new film on the life of John Knox. If you’re in the US, you can order the DVD here for the pre-order price of $15.99 (price goes up after Thanksgiving Day). Elsewhere, you can buy here.

“Knox” is a 77 minute film looking at the life and legacy of Scotland’s controversial 16th century Reformer John Knox who celebrated his 500th birthday in 2014. It incorporates interviews with some of Scotland’s leading experts, along with a dynamic array of animated reconstructions, while the main story is related by Scottish actor Philip Todd. “Knox” was largely filmed in Scotland but they followed in Knox’s footsteps to film as far afield as Frankfurt and Geneva.

In addition to retelling Knox’s story, the film focuses on the core issues of Knox’s message which ensure he continues to have real relevance to the present time. They explore some of the controversies of Knox’s own life and try to analyze what it was that made him so powerful in his generation.

KNOX Trailer from Trinity Digital Film on Vimeo.

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  • Frankie Casey

    Just an fyi (lamentably), this film has many, many 2nd Commandment violations. It was difficult to watch, honestly. Ironically, I can’t imagine Knox would approve. It’s a shame because, otherwise, an informative film.