Hope for the Young Pastor
Here is some advice to young pastors from a young pastor.

A Free Bible Study on How to Change the Way You Think, Act, and Experience Life | David Powlison
“This study is meant to change the way you think, act, and experience life. It is then meant to change the way you help others.” And here’s The Gospel, Breaking Sinful Patterns, and Addiction from Ed Stetzer

Seven reasons why you shouldn’t read 1 Timothy 6:1-2 as an endorsement of slavery | Denny Burk
“Have you ever faced a skeptic-maybe a family member or a friend at work-who threw slavery at you as evidence that the Bible can’t be trusted?” Denny provides a biblical defense.

More Goodness Showed To Us Than to Christ | Mark Jones
“The goodness shown to us, God’s people, is a greater goodness to us, than was for a time manifested to Christ himself.”

A Plea For Plumber, Poets, Philosophers and Physicians | Nathan Eshelman
“Let us raise a generation of useful, productive, and creative men and women who have deep roots in biblical and theological knowledge, and let us send them into the world that Christ is redeeming.”

Kindle Books

The Heart of a Leader by Ken Blanchard $1.99. A business book but with many common grace insights for anyone who wants to lead better in their family, work, or church.

The Pastor’s Kid: Finding Your Own Faith and Identity by Barnabas Piper $0.99.

New(ish) Book

Do More Better: A Practical Guide to Productivity by Tim Challies.

You’ve probably all bought it by now. What, you haven’t?

I’ve just bought another couple of copies to work through with my two teenage sons, something I wish someone had done with me at that age.


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