The Way Out of “Burnout”
“I’m sure most women know what I mean by the phrase burned out. Burnout is what happens to us when we take on too much, and we simply hit the wall.”

Trans Mafia Put North Carolina In A Chokehold
“The ongoing LGBT activism that has overtaken a large part of the United States puts us at a strange crossroads in our country’s history: for perhaps the first time in American history, a civil rights effort is in fact more authoritarian and intolerant than the structure of power against which it is rebelling.”

3 Reasons Why Religious Liberty Laws Don’t Discriminate
“Supporters of religious freedom laws are not interested in discriminating against persons. What many find objectionable are participating in services that have an overtly sacramental meaning. Once you understand the true face and nature of discrimination, you’ll see that religious freedom laws in no way commit the type of di scrimination defined above.”

Transgender thoughts
“Some thoughts about last night’s 60 Minutes segment on Schuyler Bailar, a transgender swimmer at Harvard.”

5 Ways to Make It through a Difficult Season
“when God calls you to endure in difficult environments, here are five strategies I’ve learned to abide by.”

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