Why I Am Not Roman Catholic | Tim Challies
“In very important ways the answer to the question ‘Why am I not Roman Catholic?’ is ‘R.C. Sproul…’ ”

When Grace Hurts the Church | Aaron Menikoff, TGC
“…it’s helpful to remember that when it comes to God’s sovereignty in salvation, most of us fit into one of three categories:”

Gospel-Centered Comfort for Suffering: Martin Luther’s Pastoral Counseling | Bob Kelleman, RPM Ministries
“We can encapsulate Luther’s practice or methodology of sustaining in tweet-size fashion: The human comforter is a sorrow sharer who points people to the supreme Comforter by incarnationally entering the sufferer’s earthly story.”

Browse Worthy: Eternity Etched on My Eyes | Barry York, Gentle Reformation
“Katie is a dear friend to most of us on Gentle Reformation. She recounts on Warhorn blog, in a post entitled ‘Eternity Etched on My Eyes’, her testimony of the long valley of pain the Lord took her through due to surgeries seeking to correct a misshapen spine. In so doing, she also honors her parents, Dave and Jenny Long, who moved heaven and earth to help their daughter, and ends by reflecting on how her suffering prepared her family for what happened to her father.”

Six Questions Leader s Should Routinely Ask Themselves | Eric Geiger
“Because our leadership is short, we should lead and serve with thoughtful intentionality. Wise leaders routinely evaluate their lives and leadership. Here are six questions leaders should routinely ask themselves:”

Grieve and Receive the Gift of Special Needs | Andrew Wilson, Desiring God
“Because our children are such a beautiful gift, we often feel guilty for even saying this, but we might as well admit that we didn’t want our children to have regressive autism, any more than we wanted them to have Down syndrome, or cerebral palsy, or whatever else. ”

Family Worship: A Guide to Daily Reformation at Home | Donald John Maclean, Meet the Puritans
“Reformation Scotland Trust was formed in 2013. Their stated aim is ‘to promote the restoration of the Christian Church in Scotland, by informing, educating and promoting understanding of the attainments of the Second Reformation in Scotland.’”

Why I Bought a Chromebook Instead of a Mac | Matt Novak, Gizmodo
“Chromebooks have surpassed sales of Mac laptops in the United States for the first time ever. And that doesn’t surprise me. Because roughly a year ago I made the same switch. Formerly a lifelong Mac user, I bought my first PC ever in the form of a Chromebook. And I’m never looking back.”

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