ResetIt’s not available until next March but I wanted to share with you news of a book I’m writing for Crossway. It’s a book for men that has grown out of my counseling ministry to Christian men, and especially pastors, who have been suffering at various points on the spectrum of Stress > Anxiety > Burnout > Depression.  Here’s how the Amazon blurb puts it:

Largely due to overwork and the stresses of modern life, men in work and ministry are increasingly run-down, anxious, and depressed. But is this level of physical and spiritual weariness inevitable? Just as a car needs to be regularly refueled, retuned, and repaired in order to keep running, a balanced life can be sustained only when a man takes proper steps to stay on track. In this hopeful book, experienced pastor and counselor David Murray shares stories from his own life and the lives of friends, offering gospel-centered advice for avoiding, assessing, and recovering from burnout. With chapters on rest, relationships, routines, and more, this book lays out a host of practical remedies men can use to reset their lives on a more sustainable course—resulting in renewed energy, joy, and purpose.

Why just men? Don’t worry, there will be a sequel for women too that I’m writing with my wife Shona (or that she’s writing with me, I think I should say!)