People Who Value Time Over Money Are Happier | Kristin Wong, LifeHacker
“Across studies, we asked thousands of Americans whether they would prefer more money or more time. Although the majority of people chose more money, choosing more time was associated with greater happiness”

Generosity Is More Than Money | James Clark, Institute for Faith, Works, and Economics
Although we can give much more than money to the Lord, money should not come last.

Reflections from a Black Presbyterian on the PCA’s Overture on Racial Reconciliation | Jemar Tisby, Reformed African American Network
“Here are a five reflections on the overture on racial reconciliation I have as a black member of the Presbyterian Church in America.”

5 Reasons Why Teenagers Need Theology | Jaquelle Crow, TGC
“I’m 18. I’ve studied and been taught theology all my life. It’s given me many things: a richer relationship with God; a stronger and more submissive relationship with my parents; a more discerning relationship with my friends; a more edifying approach to social media; a zealous desire to do my best in school; a biblical worldview; a bigger vision for my future; and a greater passion to follow God no matter what. I want that life for every teenager, and I think you do, too. So parents, pastors, youth leaders, church members, please teach us theology.”

7 Lies We Tell Our Children | Barnabas Piper, The Blazing Center
“We all lie to our kids. Sometimes it’s on purpose and for what we deem a good purpose. Sometimes it’s because we so want them to believe something, to feel better, to overcome a challenge, or to work through pain that we will say anything to try to help. Sometimes it’s because we’re idiots and just don’t realize what we’re doing. Here are seven of the most common lies parents tell kids.”

When A Christian Feels Dry: A Simple Practice | Jason Helopoulos, The Christward Collective
“If you know life in Christ, you know languishing in Christ. We all go through dry seasons. The Christian life is never lived from mountain top to mountain top. Every saint has known lackluster days in relationship with the Lord. God doesn’t feel close. You have His peace, but are not peaceful. You know His love, but are not enjoying His love. Your spiritual life isn’t dead, but it is dull. What is the answer?”

Manipulative Ministers | Joseph Franks, Daily Devotions
“Friends, do not assume that because men are disciples, priests, pastors, or elders they are servant-hearted and Christ-centered. There have always been manipulative ministers in the religious circles of Jesus Christ.”

Watch Brexit Architect Nigel Farage Eviscerate The EU | Sean Davis, The Federalist
“If you want to know why millions of United Kingdom voters decided to leave the European Union (EU), then you need to watch this video. You need to see how EU’s unaccountable politicians respond to the British decision to leave the EU. Watch Nigel Farage, the British politician and former trader widely characterized as the architect of the Brexit referendum, eviscerate the EU bureaucrats on their home court.”

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Supreme Court refuses to defend religious liberty for pharmacists | Denny Burk

  • Luke, Reading England

    Please don’t anyone viewing the post above from the Federalist “watch Brexit architect eviscerate the EU” get the impression Mr Farage represents British people. His shamefully rude, arrogant and obnoxious behaviour is fortunately not representative of most of us British people. There has been a marked increase in intolerance and racial attacks since the Brexit vote as the hate, fear and damage sewn by Farage begins to find its result. You will experience the same in the US in November when Trump uses the same tactics to try to win the Presidential election on a premise of making the US great, just as Farage and his supporters talked of putting the Great back into Britain. This divisive approach is the opposite to Jesus’s response when asked “who is my neighbour” Let’s stick to promoting the word of God.