How to win this election | Don’t Stop Believing
This is funny and pretty close to the truth:

“Either Trump or Hillary will win in a landslide if they have the courage to do one simple thing: disappear. Stop talking, tweeting, and teleprompting. Stay off radio, television, and the Internet. Don’t appear in public until after the election. Let the other person have all the attention, and there is no way you will lose.”

Assisted Suicide: A Quadriplegic’s Perspective | Joni Eareckson Tada
“Culture is so easily influenced by the entertainment industry. This is why I am sounding an alarm about a very dangerous message in a film released this summer. The movie? Me Before You.”

Another Study Finds Same-Sex Parents Aren’t Best For Kids
“A study on the most comprehensive survey of U.S. adolescents ever finds children of same-sex parents report more sexual and physical abuse from their parents and other maladies.”

Camels vs. Stallions – Michael Hyatt
Good to remember this in church meetings too.

The 4 Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made in Marriage | For The Church
“The choice of our wedding date may have been our first mistake in marriage, but there have been many more I’ve made that have been of much greater consequence than how we spend our anniversaries.”

The Silent Marriage-Killer | Desiring God
“Most Christian couples would not list shame as one of the top struggles in their marriage. However, in almost a decade of counseling, I’ve seen very few marriages that aren’t hampered by shame on some level. It’s just not often the first thing that’s identified, but it underlies so many other common struggles, especially communication and sex.”

5 Don’ts of Pastoral Ministry | The Christward Collective
“In 1 Thessalonians 2 Paul outlines the character and practices of a godly pastoral ministry. What he writes is a sobering reminder to all pastors, and to churches, of the standards and challenges of the pastoral ministry.”

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Living by God’s Promises by Joel Beeke and James Labelle $2.99.

Celebrating Jesus in the Biblical Feasts $1.99.

The Crucified King: Atonement and Kingdom $3.99.

Faith Alone: The Doctrine of Justification by Tom Schreiner $5.99.


The Restaurant of Life
A powerful message.