6 Ways the Psalms Sing to Our Fears | George H Guthrie
“When I am struggling with fear, I find meditating on the Psalms a great help and comfort. Here are 6 ways in which that wonderful “song book” for life helps me to process my fears, bringing them to the Lord.”

Six Simple Skills Anyone Can Learn to Improve Earning Potential
One for younger men and women:

“Six skills that pretty much anyone can use to improve their earnings potential at work. No matter what your job is, if you apply these six skills in the workplace, you’re setting yourself up for better pay in the future.”

Cancer Survivors Share Hard-Won Lessons On Managing Time Well | Fast Company
Want to know how people without faith react to cancer diagnoses? Here are four.

Ruminating: The Mental Health Killer | Musings of a Christian Psychologist
“I teach a course on psychopathology. Each week we consider a different family of problems. We explore anxiety disorders, mood disorders (depression, mania), and anger/explosive disorders in the first few weeks in the class. Later on, we look at eating disorders, addictions, trauma, and psychosis. While each of the presentations of problems vary widely from each other, there is ONE symptom that almost every person with a mental health problem experiences–repetitive, negative thought patterns. Rumination.”

Burnout Podcast
“Ministerial burnout can be lurking in the pulpit or present in the pew more often than we realize. The stats are alarming which demand we ask: Do we encourage those who shepherd us? Do we pray often (or even at all!) for them? Are our elders consumed by responsibilities or healthy and happy in their service?”

Kindle Books

A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Suffering: How God Shapes Us through Pain and Tragedy by Brian Cosby $1.99.

A Clearing of the Mists: In Pursuit of Wisdom upon the Scottish Hills by Martin Haworth $2.99.

A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Sin: The Disease and Its Cure by Ian D. Campbell $1.99.


How Does Mark Dever Prepare A Sermon
Learn from everybody but don’t make anybody your model.