The Puritans and Their Evangelistic Model | Joel Beeke
The difference between modern evangelism and Puritan evangelism.

Race and the Problem with Apathy | Trillia Newbell
“We all need to reflect on our own apathy and ask the question: Do we really care? And then, like my friend, die to ourselves, break free of our self-absorption and learn about others. This will not only impact our own hearts and souls but also the church. Our congregations are going to change, and we will want to be ready.”

The future of the pro-life movement | Slate
Surprising yet encouraging article on the pro-life movement.

7 Mistakes New Preachers Make | For The Church
“If you’re in the first few innings of a preaching ministry, perhaps this list will help you to start right, swing straight, and stick with it!”

Wilberforce on Balancing Work and Family Responsibilities
Even William Wilberforce struggled with this.

The Need for a Ministerial Break Down | Reformation21 Blog
Nick Batzig: “One of the great needs of our day is for preachers to learn how to break down, rather than water down, the truth of God’s word. ”

Nine Attributes of a Real Man | Desiring God
“As a man who has been fatherless almost all my life, I have found that defining masculinity is deceptively difficult. I didn’t have someone around to demonstrate true and healthy manhood. My father’s absence has been a source of grief and regret, but this sense of longing has driven me to God for answers, fulfillment, and sonship. He is my one faithful Father, my heavenly one.”

Making Better Men | Alexi Sargeant | First Things
Here’a another on the same theme but with a different perspective: “When I was growing up, my father was my primary model of what a man should be. He was always ready to roughhouse with me and my brothers, but he also taught us that a man’s strength is measured by his gentleness.”

What to do with our emotions? #CCEF16
Phil Monroe summarizes some of the addresses at the CCEF national conference. Here are two more: Abusive Marriages: Restoring the voice of God to the Sufferer and Entering into the Emotions of Others: Thoughts by Winston Smith.

Kindle Books

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10 Questions And Answers On Atheism and Agnosticism by Norman Geisler $0.99.

Seeing Beauty and Saying Beautifully by John Piper $4.99. See my review here.

John MacArthur’s Quick Reference Guide to the Bible $1.99.

Staying Is the New Going: Choosing to Love Where God Places You by Alan Briggs $2.99.


Religious Freedom: Pastors and Elections
What issues can pastors talk about during election season? A video from First Liberty.