When Your Depressed Friend Twists God’s Word | Mike Leake
“Sometimes there really isn’t an answer or a set of magic words that make everything all better. Occasionally we have to wait for full redemption. In the mean time we hang on, love people, and keep proclaiming truth even if it ends up getting twisted. Because sometimes the Spirit uses those words and out of the whirlwind God Himself speaks to the heart and provides substantial healing even on this side of Eden.”

Feeding on Christ Sinful Anger: Its Cause and Cure – | Nick Batzig
Jonathan Edwards on watching against sinful anger.

An End-of-Year Marriage Check-Up | Kevin DeYoung
Some revealing questions here.

Over-confidence? Under-confidence? Assessing counselor tendencies | Musings of a Christian Psychologist
Phil has a message for both the over-confident and under-confident counselor.

‘My Fellow Liberals, I’m Tired Of You’ | The American Conservative
Here’s a fascinating letter from a liberal who is moving right, even to the religious right. The catalyst? The liberal reaction to Trump’s victory on Nov 8.

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