The Christ-Centered Employee
“Viewing work from a truly Christian perspective requires that we build our thinking upon four foundation stones”

Keep Learning to Lead: Five Practical Lessons
“As I’ve led others over the last several years, I’ve gleaned several lessons that might help others (especially in a ministry context). Here are a few I’ve learned, am learning, and probably will have to learn again.”

Help Me Teach the Bible: Marty Machowski on Teaching Theology to Kids
“Nancy talks to Marty Machowski, family life pastor at Covenant Fellowship Church in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. Machowski is author of Old Story New, Long Story Short, The Gospel Story for Kids Children’s Ministry Curriculum, and The Ology: Ancient Truths, Ever New. In this episode, Machowski works through each genre of the Bible, demonstrating how to put Christ at the center of a kids’ lesson.”

5 Steps to Serving Children with Autism, ADHD, and Attachment Disorders
Churches have a lot to learn in this area. The secular world often puts us to shame.

Make Good People Wish It Were True
Pascal’s apologetic strategy has much to teach us today:

Men despise religion, they hate it and are afraid it might be true. To cure that we have to:

1. Begin by showing that religion is not contrary to reason.

2. That it is worthy of veneration and should be given respect.

3. Next it should be made lovable, should make the good wish it were true.

4. Then show that it is indeed true.

How One Ex-Gang Leader Is Reaching Chicago’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods
What courage and compassion!

Pursue God, Not Pornography
Denny Burk’s chapel address at Southern Seminary reveals a man with a deep burden and a big heart.

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G.K. Beale on the Importance of Scripture Memorization and Prayer