I loved this panel discussion between Alistair Begg, Al, Mohler, and Sinclair Ferguson. So much practical wisdom in here for pastors and seminarians.

5:33 Q&A begins

5:59 Alistair, are you a Baptist? :)

6:41 Is our culture moving from a culture of guilt to a culture of shame and how do we address that in the church?

9:49 What do you do as a pastor when you feel that you are losing zeal?

15:47 If you are preaching through a book, particularly a long one, and you lose your enthusiasm, should you stop, pause, keep going?

26:58 Do you have favorite preachers to listen to? How do we avoid becoming parrots of our favorite preachers?

35:20 How does a pastor begin an expository preaching ministry where that has not been the norm?

45:03 When retiring from the ministry, should we guide the elders and congregation as to succession?

55:33 How do you equip young men for the ministry and help them be accountable as they prepare for pastoral roles?