Most Christians are Violating the 1st Commandment
“If we were meeting with our most important client, or our boss, we’d never talk to him from a treadmill, or spend one minute getting to know him. It’s not that it can’t be done. I do pray occasionally as I walk or drive. I just can’t imagine God being truly honored by slipping him in when it’s convenient. If I were God, I’d want to know that for at least 15-20 minutes a day, I have your undivided attention and loyalty. If not, I’d conclude that almost everything else in my day was another god!”

Competing Worldviews Influence Today’s Christians
“Barna’s research shows that only 17 percent of Christians who consider their faith important and attend church regularly actually have a biblical worldview. So, if Christians are open to nonbiblical perspectives, what are they believing?”

Maximum Security Seminary
“When I came to prison I could not read and write,” Hudson said. “Today they’re giving me a four-year degree in Christian studies. That’s to the glory of God. If they would’ve said to me the day I was arrested, ‘If you can spell can, you can go home,’ I’d still be in that bullpen. But today I can talk about transubstantiation. I can talk about systematic theology. I know about the Belgic Confession.”

How to Make an Effective Preacher
“John MacArthur, as the President of our seminary, read this out at my graduation ceremony. It has haunted me and inspired me since I became a pastor eleven years ago. When I am tempted to rethink and retool the focus of my ministry, I read and reread this lyrical piece of sage advice, and I am reassured that the priority of my calling is preaching God’s word in God’s way to God’s people.”

Five Terrible Reasons to Enter Vocational Ministry
“I recently went through my old seminary pictorial directory. I was able to locate 47 people I knew in seminary who I know where they are today. Of that 47, only eight remained in ministry. If you are doing the math, that is an 83 percent dropout rate. Vocational ministry is a calling. It is not just another vocation. If you enter ministry for the wrong reasons, you will not likely do well. Indeed, you will not likely make it.”

5 Reasons You’re Still Procrastinating
“It happens to most leaders at some point. I’ve found the best way to get yourself out of the rut is to understand the reason you’re there in the first place. There are 5 big reasons that people get stuck along the way.”

Ten Major Themes in Proverbs
Steve Nicholes and his son Benjamin have created a nice visual diagram of ten major themes in Proverbs.

Student Life In Digital Babylon
“Younger Christians are living in what I describe as Digital Babylon. It’s very similar in some ways to the kind of head-snapping change that Daniel and his peers would have experienced in Babylon—exposure to a broader world, immersion in a whole set of worldviews and beliefs and ideas about spirituality, interacting regularly with people with very different points of view, very different perspectives about God, very different perspectives about human meaning and flourishing.”

How the Reformation Changed Education Forever
“Here are five educational reforms initiated by the reformers that significantly changed the face of education and still impact our educational system today:”

The Future of Christian Higher Education
Several observations from Thomas Kidd about challenges for Christian colleges and faculty today.

Kindle Books

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Wednesdays were Pretty Normal: A Boy, Cancer, And God by Michael Kelly $0.99.

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Expositional Preaching: How We Speak God’s Word Today by David Helm $3.99.

New Book

Asking the Right Questions: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Applying the Bible by Matthew Harmon.


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