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Dying Well
This is really what it’s all about, getting ready to die.

Pastors are called to equip the saints to walk in those good works that God has prepared beforehand for them to walk in. Every saint (except those alive when Jesus returns) will have to walk through the good work of dying well. May the Lord enable us to prepare Jesus’ sheep to live by faith and to die by faith.

A Letter to My Former Pastor, on the Occasion of His Retirement

Bro. Ken, When I opened the email that said you planned to step down as senior pastor this year, I cried. The tears flowed both from sadness at the passing of time and from gratitude for you and your ministry. For more than a decade of my life, you were the primary chef who served up and seasoned the meat of God’s Word for my spiritual sustenance. During my most formative years, you nourished me through your preaching more than one thousand times.

The Real Story of Christianity and Abortion
Never give up. Never give in.

To the utter consternation of the abortion rights movement, the issue of abortion simply will not go away. Decades after abortion rights activists thought they had put the matter to rest with the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, America’s conscience is more troubled than ever, and near-panic appears to break out regularly among abortion activists. Such a panic is now under way, and the defenders of abortion are trotting out some of their most dishonest arguments. One of the worst is the claim that Christians have only recently become concerned about the sanctity of human life and the evil of abortion.

Seven Characteristics of Liberal Theology
Watch for even the smallest beginnings of these.

Setting the Tone in Your Home
Dadas too.

Mamas, you have been granted a special gift in the life of your family: you are the tone setter. It doesn’t matter if you have fancy decor or an immaculately clean house. It doesn’t matter if you work long hours or stay home all day long. When you are with your family, you guide the atmosphere.”

Parenting and Emotional Intelligence
“As you look back on your childhood, how did your family of origin approach feelings? How has that shaped you and the way you interact with others? If you are a parent, how does that play itself out in the way you interact with your children?”

Kindle Books

“Free Grace” Theology: 5 Ways It Diminishes the Gospel by Wayne Grudem $3.99. This is an important book on a vital subject.

Ready for Reformation? by Tom Nettles $0.99. If you’re not already over-Reformationed.

How to Be a Christian in a Brave New World by Joni Eareckson Tada $1.99.