Every age and stage of life has its own special trials and temptations. The young are called to flee youthful lusts (2 Tim. 2:22). The middle-aged are warned about the choking cares of this life (Mark 4:19).

Even seniors have their own age-specific temptations.

In Psalm 71, we find just such a senior who is cast down by life’s events: increasing outward and inward troubles (vv. 4, 10–11, 13) together with failing strength (v. 9). And yet he turns again and again to God.

This spiritual dynamic is encapsulated in verse 20, where the psalmist writes, “You have shown me great and sore troubles, but you shall quicken me again, and shall bring me up again from the depths of the earth.”

Let’s look at some of the great and sore troubles of old age, and how the Lord strengthens His elderly people.

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