As promised when I announced the launch of Exploring the Bible videos, here’s the first weekly video to go with Expedition One. I hope the kids will find it helpful to motivate and encourage them.

If you want to bookmark a page where all the videos will eventually appear, you can go to YouTube or the Facebook page for Exploring the Bible.

If you haven’t yet started your kids on the book yet, you can begin anytime and use it with any Bible version.

You can get it at RHB, Westminster Books, Crossway, or Amazon. Some of these retailers have good discounts for bulk purchases by churches and schools.

  • gyen

    My nine year old son is going through the book with you and is eager for the next video. He asked if the next one is up yet! I told him, “haha, no, wait a week,” but he feels like he knows you now. He found out at church yesterday that one of his friends is going through it this year, too, so they can talk and compare what they’re learning in their own devotions.
    Thank you for all that you’ve put into this!

    • David Murray

      That’s so nice! And it’s great to have a partner in these expeditions. Should spur them both on!