HeadHeartHand Media provides creative and production services for Christian ministries. Here’s a selection of our recent work. If your ministry needs motion picture or motion graphic materials, please contact Dirk Naves. Enjoy!

  • How Sermons Work

    HeadHeartHand Media created this book trailer for David Murray’s latest book. A fun little journey through life on the internet quickly and clearly presents this book as an introduction to preaching and a savior of sanity.

  • Ligonier National Conference 2012

    HeadHeartHand Media created this promotional video for Ligonier Ministries. Throughout the process, we worked closely with Ligonier’s own creative department to ensure that the striking visuals we created meshed with the art direction of the conference and fit within Ligonier’s brand. Together, we succeeded in creating a video that is both a compelling advertisement for the conference, and a thought-provoking commentary on the state of the Christian Mind.

  • Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

    HeadHeartHand Media created this promotional video for Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. Working with PRTS’s Director of Marketing and Development, we were able to craft a piece that highlights the uniqueness of this institution and encourages prospective students to further inquiry. We were careful to create a concept that could be achieved on a very limited budget while still retaining high production values.

    “An exceptionally creative, professional, and skilled team, HeadHeartHand Media will help you share your story.” — Chris Hanna, Director of Marketing and Development, PRTS